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bARTer Sauce Remixes

A couple of my bARTer Sauce traders like to remix the art that they get from my project and turn it into other arts. Here's some of their recent, cool stuffs.

Introducing: Angry, Naked Guy You can read the story behind Angry Naked Guy on the bARTer Sauce website.

I got Angry Naked Guy from Sean and then traded him to Nik who, Temple says, used to hang it right above his toilet. "Nik had it hanging in his guest bathroom for a long time, right behind the toilet, so men had to stare at it while using the facilities. I hope it reminded them to put down the toilet seat. From there, I inherited it as a boon from some poker game or random holiday bet.


Then...this art show came up in Sacramento....Love and Lust....all pieces must include the human figure....and we really didn't want them men to be left out of this concept of the figure inspiring I made him a hat and a sexy chain fit for the Folsom St. Fair, and he's going on parade."

Oh my.

Here he is now... Horny, Naked Man.

Temple added an awesome assemblage hat made from a thrashed vintage mink coin purse and national geographic ram horns.

She also added a laced up silver chain around his ankle and aged the paper with a sepia varnish...awe yah...and glued him down to a 20 x 30 canvas.




Yee Haw!

Stacy painted Brick Man and then traded it to bARTer Sauce. I traded it to Nik who turned it into...... DRACULA!!


Check out more of their stuff at

And if you're not sure what the hell bARTer Sauce is -- you're not alone. It's an experiment in trading for art and odd objects. Whatever I get, I trade for something else. And everyone who trades with me has to tell me a story. Them's the rules.