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Other People Talk About The Sauce

Worried Guy | Anonymous 48" x 37", oil on canvas with wire, staples, paper. Imag
Image Credit: The Fearful Adventurer
Image Credit: Mike Austin,

There have been manic phases of the bARTer Sauce project where I get multiple trade offers each day. There have been other quiet, peaceful phases where I have nothing to do with The Sauce really at all. I ignore it - knowing that someday soon it will demand my attention. I enjoy our time apart almost as much as I enjoy the time we spend together. It's some kind of yin-yang bullshit.

The past fews months have been on the quiet side. Just a trade offer here and there between trips to the pool and comedy shows. Then, Seattle Magazine decided to write a story about Seattle's Barter Boom and included a blurb about bARTer Sauce. Thanks guys! Cayla Lambier wrote a great description of The Sauce that makes the project seem interesting and makes me seem not crazy. This is really an accomplishment.

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I also recently heard from Museum of Bad Art Curator, Michael Frank. Long ago, I traded the Museum a piece I called Worrying Man. It was a big painting that I rescued at the advice of a friend (thanks Roberta!) with a watchful eye for awesome garbage. It had big wires coming out of a worried looking head. I wrote down some worries and stuck them in his wire hair and decided he could worry about them from now on instead of me

Well, I guess that is catching on because Torre DeRoche from The Fearful Adventurer recently wrote a post about the things she would like Worrying Man to worry about for her.

Those things include:
“Am I on track in my life?”
“What if I get bad reviews for my book?”
“What if somebody steals my Macbook?”
“What if my Macbook spontaneously combusts?”
“Do I have an unhealthy relationship with my Macbook?”
“Who cares about my freakin’ Macbook, global warming is going to kill us all!”

Thanks Torre for helping to spread the word about Worrying Man. Even though he is no longer in my control, I do think of him often and hope that he's doing well while still worrying on.

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