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bARTer Sauce hits the 80's

Val and the 80's
Val and the 80's

bARTer Sauce normally trades everything that comes through the inventory for something else.

I made an exception once and just gave something away. For charity. Don't judge me. I make the damn rules people. I make the rules.

My friend & ex-roomie Val is involved with SketchFest and they had a fundraiser. I had lots of drinks at said fundraiser.

Tony gives me "The Heart of the Room" in exchange for two 80's Video Game Graphic Prints

Man Holding Weird Art
Man Holding Weird Art
Three Women and a Man In an Art Studio

Tony met me at Caffe Lieto,

That's the coffee shop under my apartment complex (convenient for me!). At the time of this original posting, it was owned by Jennifer who I like to call Jennifizz for some reason that I forget. I like to pretend to make her fill out vacation request forms when she wants to take a day off. I'm very bossy.

Dartanion gives me two 80's Video Game graphic prints in exchange for Mice Krispies and Catacomb

Rosalie Gale and Dartanion London
The Dart-Mondo

I also did a trade last night with Dartanion London (yes, that's his real name). I gave him two of Kelly Lyles prints - Mice Krispies and Catacomb - and he gave me.....

"Custom-made alternate props for hit dance duo "Darlene" from Dance Off 2006! Printed in full color glory and hand-mounted upon legitimate Walgreens paperboard. Iconic 8-bit Nintendo graphics perfect for your dorm room or other place you won't get laid!"

I love them...and so will you.

Chuck trades me an 80's buttrock guitar for the paraglider

Hondo Guitar With Spiderman Sticker

Okay, originally, I was supposed to trade this for an antique accordian.

Here's the story on that:

Okay, so the accordion guy and I were all set to trade on x date at 10:30. One paraglider for one antique accordion. I just got word through a reliable source (him) that he won't be able to go through with the trade after all because his kids like to play with the accordion in the yard. Um...I guess the word "antique" has different meanings to different people.

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