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Evil Looking Doll Lamp

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Evil Looking Doll Lamp
Evil Looking Doll Lamp
Evil Looking Doll Lamp

Marlow offered me this doll-shaped lamp at the last First Thursday Art Walk.

I immediately accepted based soley on the level of creepiness that I felt when I looked directly into the doll's eyes.

I have to keep it at the studio -- far away from my bedroom -- because I am frightened that it will come to life and beat me to death with the little parasol lampshade.

Marlow Trades me Evil Looking Doll Lamp for Vintage Cigarette Coupons

Marlow and Rosalie doin' a bARTer Sauce trade
Marlow and Michael from MOBA
Michael from MOBA and an Elvis topiary

Marlow and JoDavid came to the studio to see Michael Frank's (the Curator-in-Chief of The Museum of Bad Art) presentation on the guildelines MOBA uses to select the paintings for their permanent collection.

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