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Aku Aku

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Ariane Trades Me "Look at that Huge Fag" for a Large Selection of Sauce Items

Ariane with Paint by Number Ship Painting - a bARTer Sauce trade

It was a lovely holiday season for me. Miss Ariane contacted me with a trade offer for a painting that she created using some cigarette coupons I traded her a few years ago as the background. She has traded with me a few other time in the history of bARTer Sauce.

Q: How long did it take you to figure out what to do with those cigarette coupons after I traded them to you?
A: As soon as I saw them on BARTersauce!

Newest bARTer Sauce Trade: Mondo JubJub

bARTer Sauce's added a new trade to the family of currently available objects.

Nik Trades Me Aku Aku Book and Mondo Jubjub for Proud Green Boobs and Full Metal Bra

Nik in a straight jacked at an art show in a donut shop

Nik's answers to my increasingly weird "interview" questions: 

Q: Do you know anyone who snorts when they laugh?
A: 3 out of every 5

Q: Have you ever farted while sneezing?
A: Sometimes I've squirted

Q: Do you make your own hummus or do you let the grocery store rape you at $4 or so for a tiny container of the least expensive food on the planet: beans?

Aku Aku Book

Original Owner: 
Aku Aku - an item in bARTer Sauce
Aku Aku - an item in bARTer Sauce
Aku Aku - an item in bARTer Sauce
Aku Aku - an item in bARTer Sauce
Aku Aku - an item in bARTer Sauce

This is a vintage book by Thor Heyerdahl, the writer of Kon-Tiki that popularized tiki culture in the 60's.

Here he goes to Easter Island and does stuff. A lot of stuff. I didn't read it. It has a bunch of cool pictures in it though. 62 of them! And it's big! Like it'll stand out on your book shelf and if you're into tiki culture - your friends will be impressed with this find. Maybe you can read it too. I'm sure it's a pretty good book. You can keep it near the toilet and imagine you're on an island full of iguanas that aren't afraid of people. Islands are great.

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