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Alien Anal Probe, Alien Mind Control Reflecting Helmet and Dogs Playing Poker Shirt

Original Owner: 
Alien Probe
Alien Probe
Rosalie wearing the tin foil hat
Dogs Playing Poker Shirt

Patrick's story about the Alien Anal Probe, Alien Mind Control Reflecting Helmet and Dogs Playing Poker Shirt:

The story of the Alien Anal Probe…

I had an insane dream a few years ago that can only be explained as unexplainable…

Nik Trades Me Tiny Head and Pillow Pal for Brick Man and Space Aliens in Crayon

Nicolas Caesar Wearing A Dog Hat

Nik and I have done at least one billion trades at this point.

It becomes kind of difficult to think of a new thing to write about ever time -- especially since we do our trades through the mail so LITERALLY -- nothing happens (unless the mean post office lady is there and then I can at least complain about how she yelled at me once and I'm now holding a grudge about it a year later).

Nik Trades me Robotic Bug for Alien in Ship and Two Headed Boy Painting for Evil Looking Doll Lamp

Nik and PBS

Nik answered these "interview" questions even though I've asked him about 100 rounds of questions through all of our trades and these are very much the bottom of the barrel.

Q. How tall are you?
A. 5'4

Q. Why/how did you start

Space Aliens in Crayon

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Space Aliens in Crayon

Michael Frank, Curator-in-chief of the Museum of Bad Art visited Seattle a few weeks ago to do a book signing in my studio.

He was kind enough to bring this piece to trade to The Sauce (okay, I demanded a trade -- but still...nice of him).

He still has yet to send me a story, so I've cobbled together some bits from our email exchange re: our very different lodgings in Portland. I'm sure Michael will send a story someday, but in the meantime, enjoy this.

The Backstory:

Michael Frank from The Museum of Bad Art Trades me Space Aliens in Crayon for Old Man Murder

Michael Frank, MOBA Curator, and Rosalie doin' a bARTer Sauce trade

I hope Sean doesn't get mad at me for trading his painting to The Museum of Bad Art.

I'm assuming he won't since he wrote about how much he hates that painting. Plus, now he can say that his work is in a real museum.

You can read all about the MOBA visit on my blog.

Space Aliens in Ship

Original Owner: 
Space Aliens in Ship
Space Aliens in Ship

Rebecca's Story Submitted with Space Aliens in Ship:

There is proof they are here! This tiny baby space creature was found in the yard by my dogs. I heard them barking early one morning and went out side to investigate. We have surmised that this 15" aircraft has traveled thousand of miles to get to Seattle.......

strangely enough, there is a device for hanging this on the wall. The glitter hair and interior of the space cove suggests an alien society attracted to bright shiny objects.

Rebecca Trades Me Space Alien in Ship for Box of Lost Memories

Rebecca DeVere

My ever-annoying interview questions.

At least I actually thought of the interview questions this time and didn't try and make the person trading with me write their own weird questions and then answer them. I did that to Nik. Ha!

Q. Do you like sandwiches? If yes, what's your favorite kind?
A. I absolutely loved grilled sandwiches and I am a sandwich freak.

Nicolas trades me "Scary Clown" and "Drinkey Clown" for "Four Boobed Alien with Dingle" and "Pokemon Drawing and copy of Other Voices"

Nik, being creepy
Nik, being creepy

More and more trades are happening through the mail these days as bARTer Sauce expands to every corner of the world to prepare for our eventual takeover/world domination.

I ran to the post office just before closing and the same woman helped me who got mad at me last time for trying to mail huge packages two minutes before the post office closes.

This time nothing happened.

Nothing at all.

She was even almost pleasant.

So that's not a good story at all.

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