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anonymous donor

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Credit Card Costume

Giant Credit Card Relaxing On A Sofa With A Woman
Giant Credit Card Making What Might Be Financial Based Gang Signs
Giant Credit Card Ready To Fight You And Your Bad Credit

An anonymous donor (who purportedly found this credit card costume somewhere) showed up at Laffhole on 10/10/07.

I can't even tell you their story because it's so top secret and confidential.



It's perfect for Halloween.

Oh, and the credit card is expired.


Anonymous Donor Trades me a Credit Card Costume for Turntables

bARTer Sauce Live On Stage Trade
bARTer Sauce Live On Stage Trade



I did another trade live, onstage at Laffhole on 10/10/07. Those guys are so much fun.

This anonymous donor came by and offered me this expired credit card costume. S/he was the crowd favorite - is it because of the costume? Sexy credit card legs? Her/His good credit? The dance s/he did while wearing it?

Nameless Guy trades me Eyes for Boobs in exchange for two sock puppets and Viagra Falls

Man With Sock Puppet

I met this guy at the coffee shop in Georgetown (I can say that because Georgetown is the one place in Seattle that only has one coffee shop) and we did the trade.

I love his painting. Excuse me, my eyes are up here! Oh...wait.

My favorite! We had plenty of time to do the trade while we were waiting in line for coffee because everyone and their mother was there with their dogs.

Argh. Dogs. I like dogs. But not in my coffee. And certainly not in line in front of me. Why do they get to be in front of me. That blows.

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