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Arndt Boe

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Worried Man Painting and a Bazillion Vintage Cigarette Coupons for Arndt Boe's tombstone

Two Crazy Ladies Trading Things
Woman Holding Tombstone On Table

Okay, so Board President of Bad Fruit Foundation, Roberta Minor, will be getting the tombstone. And not because the home page of their website has a quote from me on it (a fact I realized when searching for the link to post here) but because she found the Worried Man painting in an alley. The painting that spawned at least one fight and one competition between my friend Colin and a museum. Colin lost. But Roberta will win!

Arndt Boe Tombstone

Original Owner: 
Rosalie Hates K...
Arndt Boe Tombstone
Fuzzy Skull Brooch

Arndt Boe's gravestone was going to be traded as a package deal along with a photograph of a cemetery and a fuzzy skull brooch.

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