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Bad Kid

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Rachael trades me Headless Gabriel for Bad Kid

Rachael doing her impression of Bad Kid

Rachael was kind enough to tolerate some of my "interview" questions.

She was the winner of the 2010 bARTer Sauce Trade Off. She competed against another Sauce trader for the Bad Kid painting. They each submitted their trade offer and stories and then folks voted on who I should trade with by leaving comments. Rachael won! Yay! She's a winner!

Have some fun learning basically nothing important about her: 

Q: What size books do you prefer? 

Nik Trades me Bad Kid Painting and Naked Men for Armless Anatomically Correct Bunny Rabbit and Empire Carpet Man Bobblehead Doll

Nik & Shameless self promotion. I like it.

Nik has done so many trades that we've sort of become one of those old married couple that you see sitting silently together in a restaurant.

We've basically got nothing left to say to each other -- or you.

For this trade, I made Nik write a song about bARTer Sauce: 

When I can't throw it away
When the wife says it has to go
When I'm convinced it's possessed
and it creeps out even (Edgar Allan) Poe
To the basement of Bartersauce and away
To be given new homes
To the unsuspecting

Bad Kid

Original Owner: 
Bad Kid, An Item In bARTer Sauce

The story Nik submitted with Bad Kid

Better than a story, Rosalie left a receipt in one of the bags she used as packing from our last trade! Rosalie has asked me everything under the sun! There's nothing more to me! So today you're going to learn about Rosalie! What does Rosalie buy:

Metropolitanmarket (Where Superman shops!)
100 Mercer Street, Seattle, WA 98109
Paul Marth is your uptown Store Director (He puts the 'R' in math!)

Same Local Ownership Since 1971 (He resides in the attic and eats fish heads)

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