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Blue Raygun

Original Owner: 
Ceramic Ray Gun

Ariane's Story that came with the Ray Gun:

Shoot your TV. Or the person standing in front of the TV. Or just hold this in your hot little hand, and feel all powerful. That's what it does for me. I just made another one, so I will not feel powerless without this.

Ariane Trades me BlueRay Gun for Gumball Machine Shaped Kitty Cat Feeder

Ariane rocking out to the music on her blog

Every once in awhile I get so busy (read "lazy) that I make my trading victims not only ANSWER some interview questions, but they also have to WRITE the actual questions.

Now that's delegating my little potatoes. That's delegating.

Here's Ariane's questions to herself and her answers:

QUESTION: Isn't it hard to be super-cool and live in Wyoming at the same time?

Pair of Boxing Gloves

Woman Punching Mirror With Boxing Gloves
Boxing Gloves or Monkey Butt
Woman with blue Everlast boxing gloves

2 pairs of Everlast boxing gloves (one red pair, one blue pair).

Jacob said something about one being sparring gloves or something like that. Who knows. Just hit stuff with them and you'll be doing it right as far as I'm concerned.

Here's Jacob's story:

"Both boxing gloves are Ever Last, ones red, ones blue,(sparring and bag gloves) size 14. Never used in a fight, my cousin bought them thinking he would just play around with some friends, but he got married and they ended up in a box. So now i got them."

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