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bodice ripper

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Rebecca Trades Me Faux Fur Painting for Bodice Ripper

Rebecca DeVere

Rebecca and I did this trade at her moving/yard sale.

She was wearing a wig. In fact, everyone she had conned into helping her (including her mom) was wearing a wig.

Will Trades Me Bodice Ripper, Blow Up Scream and Figure Drawing Book for Undead Mosaic Clown Painting and Super Bright Kisses

Will and a Baby for some Reason

Will is one of my favorite trader-persons.

He writes the best stories and sends in really good stuff. He's fer sure in the top three.

And here are Will's very patient answers to my "interview" questions.


How do you feel about sushi?
I love it more than I love most people. I would eat it any time any day as long as it was from a decent place. I'm pretty picky about the quality of my sushi.

If you were dared, would you eat a live bug?

Bodice Ripper

Original Owner: 
Bodice Ripper
Bodice Ripper

Will's story that came with the Bodice Ripper: 

Our honeymoon was a 7 day Caribbean cruise. We stopped in Mexico to visit some ancient ruins.

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