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Box of Regrets

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The Box of Regrets
The Box of Regrets
The Box of Regrets

Jessamyn's Story that came with the Box of Regrets:

To use the regrets box, one simply writes down things one regrets and puts them in the box to HIDE ONE'S SHAME FROM THE WORLD.

I put two regrets in it.

This is one of them:

A Steampunk Box to Put Things In

Original Owner: 
Steampunk?  Yes?  No.  Rats!

Stacy's Story about the SteamPunk Box to Put Things In:

This is the first "steampunk/cyberpunk" thing I've made... I was going for a steampunk look, but then a couple people noticed that I'd included chips and electronic parts on it - and told me that it was NOT steampunk (with a sniff).

So - I'm offering it up, it's *almost* done, I just want to add a few more things.

It's a cute little box, but does have some pointy bits, so whoever gets it next will next to be a little careful.

Find Lost Memories

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Box of Lost Memories
Box of Lost Memories

Temple's Story about the Box of Lost Memories

Before she discovered the joy of spraypaint or becoming a geisha, artist Temple Terkildsen, created this box assemblage after consoling a friend. The funeral had left a large gap in her friend's life, her mother being gone forever, now. Lots of sushi and alcohol, getting drunk and uncermoniously puking on the heater, such is an homage to life.

Julia gives me four collages for the Jackelope Diorama and "The Heart of the Room"

bARTer Sauce Trade

I have in fact already traded "The Heart of the Room" away. I had no idea how quickly it would go.

I feel a little guilty about it to be honest. I had no way of knowing though. It all happened by accident.

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