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Nik Trades Me Aku Aku Book and Mondo Jubjub for Proud Green Boobs and Full Metal Bra

Nik in a straight jacked at an art show in a donut shop

Nik's answers to my increasingly weird "interview" questions: 

Q: Do you know anyone who snorts when they laugh?
A: 3 out of every 5

Q: Have you ever farted while sneezing?
A: Sometimes I've squirted

Q: Do you make your own hummus or do you let the grocery store rape you at $4 or so for a tiny container of the least expensive food on the planet: beans?

Full Metal Bra

Original Owner: 
Full Metal Bra
Full Metal Bra

Tim's Story about "Full Metal Bra"

This piece was purchased at a garage sale and was created for a breast cancer fundraiser. Made out of car parts, this one of a kind heavy duty brassie was purchased by someone who had had far too much to drink at the auction and paid waaay too much for it. She was so embarassed about how much she paid for it that she would not even reveal it to us as we purchased it from her for $10.00 at a garage sale.

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