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Weird Rooster Thing

Original Owner: 
Broken Cock
Broken Cock

Sean's story about the Weird Rooster Thing:

I offer up to you for this painting a rare delight, a metal chicken with wooden leg nuggets and no wings to be found. A wonderful delight to see indeed. This chicken was given to me about three years ago from an art teacher friend of mine and I am getting ready to move and the chicken and I have decided to part ways. Because I am also moving I will include some rare other gems with this trade to be offered up. To discover this wonder and more you'll need to accept my offer and await the package!

The First Microwave Ever Made gets turned into a Diorama and bARTer Sauce is BORN!

Microwave Diorama Love Tester

The First Microwave Ever Made wasn't traded for the Love Tester. IT WAS TURNED INTO IT!

Amazing but true!

No pictures of the long and complicated conversion process survived the long and complicated conversion process.

Here is the story as I lived it:

Rhiannon trades me the First Microwave Ever Made for the Dorm Fridge

Thumbs up for mini fridges!

My friend Rhiannon traded me THE FIRST MICROWAVE EVER MADE* for the dorm fridge so she could use it in the play that she has written and will direct.

She said the fridge would be motivational for her because now she'll have to do the play or stare at that damn fridge until she does. I like the way she thinks.

But as I said, she did trade me the FIRST MICROWAVE EVER MADE*! And believe me, I know it gets your juices going.

Mini Fridge

Original Owner: 
Mini Fridge

It was just a broken dorm fridge.

It's not like anyone cares what it looks like or what the story was. Basically, my friend James took pity on me because I traded myself into a corner and also saw an opportunity to have someone else come to his house and drag out an old refrigerator. He's smart.


I speak the truth!

James trades me a dorm fridge for the D&D books

Rocky and Bullwinkle RPG Puppet
Guy With RPG Books
Guy With Plastic Puppet

It's been a rough week here.

I'm exhausted from all the late nights spent watching my good friend, The Sauce, suffer. There were times I didn't think the Sauce was going to pull through. It was a grim scene. Thanks to all of you though for your barrage of get well soon cards and flowers. I think they were a pivotal part of the Sauce's recovery.

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