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Nik Trades Me Stolen Unicorn Poster and Transvestite Robot for Weird Rooster Thing and I Can See Butt

bARTer Sauce Trade

Nik trades with me all the time.

About twice a month. And he has set up his own art trading project inspired by bARTer Sauce. He's a fan. And I'm a fan of him. All that said, I've had to come up with probably hundreds of "interview" questions for Nik to answer.

So this time we're going with Fun Facts! Fun. Facts about Nik: 

  • I compulsively cut my hair. Not in any professional way. In my mind it looks good but in the mirror not so much.

I Can See Butt

Original Owner: 
I Can See Butt
I Can See Butt
I Can See Butt
I Can See Butt
I Can See Butt

I'm tired of talking about how busy Tim & Victoria are and how bad a man Will is.

Here's the short version. Tim & Victoria traded me six things for bARTer Sauce but they are moving and don't have time to write six stories. Will is a trouble-maker who is being punished by having to "ghost write" six stories for Tim & Victoria.

There. That was sort of short.

This is a two-part story.
Read Part I here.

Ariane Trades Me Hugs for Jesus Statue for Butt Drawing

Ariane on bARTer Sauce
Ariane on bARTer Sauce

Ariane was kind enough to endure some of my "interview" questions since we did this trade through the mail.

Please enjoy getting to know her a little better and also -- live in wonder as to why she will not tell me what kind of sandwiches are her favorite. It makes no sense.

Q. How did you meet your girlfriend?


Original Owner: 
Naked Butt Sketch

Josiah's Story that came with Butt!:

It was in 2003 my travels brought me to Florence, a city of great historical significance in the Repubblica Italiana. The day had been a long one and it was near to an end.

Before I started for the hostel, I decided to see a bit more. I began to walk aimlessly through the Piazza della Signoria. On my way to the Duomo I found a collection of statues with great physical features, tight muscles and smooth texture.

Josiah Trades Me Butt Sketch for Mark's Self Portrait

Josiah and Rosalie doin' a bARTer Sauce trade
Josiah and Rosalie doin' a bARTer Sauce trade

It's February First Thursday.

I'm wearing a skirt for some odd reason.

Two women show up unexpectedly and give me a box of trading cards that they made featuring bARTer Sauce items and stories. These two kind women have used bARTer Sauce for a class project and distributed some trading cards around the city advertising bARTer Sauce at First Thursday. I had no idea.

Then, imagine a young man walking in. HOLDING ONE OF THE TRADING CARDS....

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