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buttrock guitar

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Mike trades me D&D books for the 80's buttrock guitar

Guy Waving

It is with great pleasure that I announce I will officially trade the black and red butt-rock guitar for the set of first edition Dungeons and Dragons books.

Now I've never played Dungeons and Dragons myself, but that's not to say I don't have enough nerd in me to want to. I've played Magic the Gathering though where similar phrases I'm sure can be heard:

*I'll attack you with my Air Elemental for 4 points.

Chuck trades me an 80's buttrock guitar for the paraglider

Hondo Guitar With Spiderman Sticker

Okay, originally, I was supposed to trade this for an antique accordian.

Here's the story on that:

Okay, so the accordion guy and I were all set to trade on x date at 10:30. One paraglider for one antique accordion. I just got word through a reliable source (him) that he won't be able to go through with the trade after all because his kids like to play with the accordion in the yard. Um...I guess the word "antique" has different meanings to different people.

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