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Handmade Cake Toppers

Original Owner: 
Handmade Cake Toppers That Look Nothing Like The Bride or Groom

Here's Maggie's story about the Cake Toppers:

Do you know anyone who looks like this and is getting married? You can tell them you lovingly made a bride and groom for their cake out of Sculpey, baked it to harden it, then made wedding clothes for them. It'll be our little secret.

Kelly Lyles Print - Ferret Cake

Original Owner: 
Art Car
A print of Ferret Cake, by Kelly Lyles.

Kelly Lyles was kind enough to trade me a ton of her prints in exchange for the Microwave Love Tester Diorama.

All the prints are from her rodent series. Here's what she says about them:

"These paintings came about in response to the constant questions about my art-car, Leopard Bernstein. "Are you a Leo?" "You must really identify with leopards." None of the above.

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