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Cake Toppers

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Raffle Proprietor Forced to Trade with The Sauce when I win Eyes, Noses, Mouths, Yep They're All Here painting

bARTer Sauce Trade

During the December First Thursday Art Walk, I entered a raffle to win a painting for $1 on behalf of bARTer Sauce and I won. I rarely win anything. And never on behalf of The Sauce.

It was a special night.

After winning, I realized that I couldn't, in good conscience, enter the painting in The Sauce unless my raffle proprietor took an item off my hands as well. She did. And she couldn't have made a better choice. Maggie's handmade cake toppers have a new home already (I think that's some kind of Sauce turnaround record!).

Maggie trades me cake toppers for Buddha package

bARTer Sauce Trade with Maggie and family
Maggie, James and Their Cake Toppers

Maggie wasn't really that excited to learn that she had to take the Pomegranite (really more of a dried out pomegranite husk) along with the Buddha trade package.

Oh well, now she knows.

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