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cardboard cutout

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Rosalie Trades Shower Art for a Cardboard Cutout of Herself

Ariane's Awesome Sauce Packaging
Ariane's Awesome Sauce Packaging

At first I had no idea what to take out of The Sauce in order to get my Shower Art in the mix for Lynn to trade me for it.

And then it hit me -- at the moment when I actually looked at the items available for trade -- I should trade for the cardboard cutout of...myself.

The reasons are five-fold.

Ariane Trades me My Own Private Rosalie for some Vintage Cigarette Coupons

A Cardboard Woman Out "Trick Or Treating"

Okay, so I haven't exactly GOTTEN my own private Rosalie yet

(eh.hem.Ariane -- just kidding!) but I did finally manage to muster up the gumption (did I just say gumption? I'm not feeling well) to mail off her vintage cigarette coupons. There's not much I can say about these trades that happen through the mail. I feel somewhat....oh, I don't know...let down?

Here's what I propose.

Ariane: when/if you read this, post a comment that is a piece of information we wouldn't know about you. Something interesting.

Your Own Private Rosalie

Original Owner: 
A Cardobard Woman Enjoying A Meal Of Unicorn Steaks
Cardboard Woman Making Pottery While Wearing A "Throw Naked" T-Shirt
A Cardboard Woman Playing Pinball
A Cardboard Woman Painting
A Cardboard Woman Wearing A Blue Mouse Mask
A Cardboard Woman With A Tambourine and Maracas
Cardboard Woman Drinking A Glass Of Red Wine
A Cardboard Woman Drinking Red Wine And Making A Rude Gesture
A Cardboard Woman Drinking Wine Straight From The Bottle

Ariane's Story about Cardboard Cutout Rosalie

I made this Cardboard Rosalie Cutout so that I could trade my Barbie Monster Fish with her for a piece from the Museum of Bad Art which I use to commemorate my grandma's late cat, Tiger. Since I made it, people have danced with it, marveled at it, and looked at me like I was crazy. I am. And so am I.

I also like cigarettes. I don't smoke them very much, but I look really cool when I'm holding one.

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