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Weird Rooster Thing

Original Owner: 
Broken Cock
Broken Cock

Sean's story about the Weird Rooster Thing:

I offer up to you for this painting a rare delight, a metal chicken with wooden leg nuggets and no wings to be found. A wonderful delight to see indeed. This chicken was given to me about three years ago from an art teacher friend of mine and I am getting ready to move and the chicken and I have decided to part ways. Because I am also moving I will include some rare other gems with this trade to be offered up. To discover this wonder and more you'll need to accept my offer and await the package!

Nik Trades me Technocolor Chicken and Super Stripey Pig for Box of Regrets and Two Empire Carpet Man Bobblehead Dolls

Nik being subtle about
Nik in a mask for some reason.

Another trade from Nik at

Sometimes I feel like maybe this website is a bit unnecessary and just provides Nik with a handy user interface when asking me to trade art with him. Sometimes - but not always. When we get to 100% Nik might be time for a change.

But until then, we press on -- not like the nails -- but like progress -- ingenuity -- the future.

Nik's answers to my "interview" questions.

Technocolor Chicken

Original Owner: 
Technocolor Chicken
Technocolor Chicken
Technocolor Chicken

Nik's Story that came with Technicolor Chicken:

When I was working on Clocktower, the movie, a friend told me about the super secretism of Alice filming next door. They were so secretive that every time Johnny Depp would leave to make a call or have a smoke (not even in costume) - there would me these guys chasing him holding curtains (to make him invisible?), anyways Johnny would try to run away from them I pictured it like a game of Pac Man without the dots in a Hollywood lot.

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