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French Phone

Original Owner: 
French Phone
French Phone
French Phone
French Phone
Will's Terror Clown from Childhood

Will's Story that came with the French Phone:

I am scared to death of clowns. I've started trying to get over this fear by collecting the scariest clown shit I can find.

I wrote this funny story about it once:

Mr. Magoo is not to be trusted. The same goes for clowns. If the circus has one thing, it has clowns. It has clowns by the carload. Creepy, scary clowns menacing cross-dressing midget clowns. It was the worst.

Creepy Clown Painting

Original Owner: 
Paining of a Clown by Nicolas Caesar of

Nicolas' original offer:

16x20, acrylic on canvas, original art, ready to frame and give kids nightmares.

My response:
Awesome -- I'd love to trade. All I need from you is a story -- true or not -- maybe something about the clown painting maybe something from your childhood or failing that - a story about the moment your learned there was no Santa. Are you in Seattle? Rosalie

Nicolas' Reponse to my response:
I'm in Castro Valley, CA - city of old drunks

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