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Regina Trades Me Three Skulls for Jar Man

Regina and Jar Man sittin' in a tree...

Regina is awesome and you should check out her website. Regina was kind enough to send some answers to my ridiculous "interview" questions:

Q: If you could punch anything in nature, what would it be?
A: The safe answer is Cancer. I'd punch that till the cows came home. But my first thought was to punch a Tsunami. Bastard things.

Q: How many parents do you have?

Jessamyn Trades Me Holy Souvenirs Batman for Sequin Horse

Rosalie and Jessamyn doin' a bARTer Sauce trade

Jessamyn - like everyone else - was forced to endure my "interview" questions.

Q: What is the maximum amount you would pay for a cup of coffee?

A: $100--if it was big enough for me to swim in.

Q: Thumb: finger or not-finger?
A: Not-finger!

Q: Can you estimate how much turkey you ate this Thanksgiving?
A: Aproximately the size of 3 Hamsters.

Q: Would you say it was more or less than the size of an average dog?

Theresa trades me tiny wedding pictures for Ceramic Sculpture made by a man with one hand

Theresa loves the sculpture she got through bARTer Sauce
Theresa hugging sculpture

Theresa heard about bARTer Sauce after reading an article I wrote on Etsy's blog. She told me a sad, sad story about getting a bunch of views on a painting she made but then not selling it -- and not getting any "hearts" on it (that's what you call it when you add something to your favorites on Etsy).

Rachael Trades Me Two-Face Jane for Brain Scan

Rachel and a picture of her brain

Since this trade took place through the mail, I subjected Rachel to the normal round of annoyingly inane "interview" questions:

Q: How old are you?
A: 20 if you don't count the part where I was a fetus.

Q: Where did you find out about bARTer Sauce?
A: From the book about The Museum of Bad Art

Q: Did you fall asleep after you finished the doll?

"Honest Abe Has Sibelius" Shower Art Piece

Original Owner: 
"Honest Abe has Sibelius" Shower Art
"Honest Abe has Sibelius" Shower Art
"Honest Abe has Sibelius" Shower Art
"Honest Abe has Sibelius" Shower Art

I am being forced, totally against my will, to bend the rules of bARTer Sauce.

Now, you all know how strictly I have adhered to ALL the Sauce rules in the past (1. You have to tell me a story. 2. I will never trade for an accordion.) but someone, somewhere out in cyberspace has pretty much given me no other choice.

Let me introduce you to Lynn.

"Everyone, this is Lynn."

"Lynn, this is everyone."

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