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Rachael trades me Headless Gabriel for Bad Kid

Rachael doing her impression of Bad Kid

Rachael was kind enough to tolerate some of my "interview" questions.

She was the winner of the 2010 bARTer Sauce Trade Off. She competed against another Sauce trader for the Bad Kid painting. They each submitted their trade offer and stories and then folks voted on who I should trade with by leaving comments. Rachael won! Yay! She's a winner!

Have some fun learning basically nothing important about her: 

Q: What size books do you prefer? 


Original Owner: 
Art Car

Kelly's story:

"The TOYLET was spawned by a 'decorate a comode' contest at SEATTLE Second Use, (if you haven't been, you should. It's a very cool shop near the South Seattle dump that has salvaged building supplies - even some antique ones - for more reasonable prices than similar venues). OK, enough with the ad. The point being, I was trying to think of a theme, when I passed a yard sale (I'm always stopping to scrounge stuff for my Artcars).That sale was on it's last day and very picked over but there were giant moving boxes filled with toys marked "FREE." Bingo, a concept is born.

Hedgehog Wearing a Mask

Original Owner: 
Hedgehog Wearing a Mask

My friend Colin moved to New York not too long ago.

He feined a vague interest in bARTer Sauce until "Worried Man" came up for trade. Then he set about to making a paper mache hedgehog wearing a mask. If you want to read more about Colin and burnt paper mache, check out his Myspace blog.

The Museum of Bad Art wins Worrying Man in the first bARTer Sauce trade contest

bARTer Sauce Trade

bARTer Sauce held it's one and only contest for a painting I found in an alley.

I pitted my poor friend Colin in New York (who made me the most awesome paper mache hedgehog) against The Museum of Bad Art (who offered me an awesome painting of a cockfight).

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