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Evil Looking Doll Lamp

Original Owner: 
Evil Looking Doll Lamp
Evil Looking Doll Lamp
Evil Looking Doll Lamp

Marlow offered me this doll-shaped lamp at the last First Thursday Art Walk.

I immediately accepted based soley on the level of creepiness that I felt when I looked directly into the doll's eyes.

I have to keep it at the studio -- far away from my bedroom -- because I am frightened that it will come to life and beat me to death with the little parasol lampshade.

Creepy Clown Painting

Original Owner: 
Paining of a Clown by Nicolas Caesar of

Nicolas' original offer:

16x20, acrylic on canvas, original art, ready to frame and give kids nightmares.

My response:
Awesome -- I'd love to trade. All I need from you is a story -- true or not -- maybe something about the clown painting maybe something from your childhood or failing that - a story about the moment your learned there was no Santa. Are you in Seattle? Rosalie

Nicolas' Reponse to my response:
I'm in Castro Valley, CA - city of old drunks

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