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Nik Trades Me Lost Cock and Undead Mosaic Clown Painting for French Phone and Cross WIth Weird Stuff On It

Nik on PBS

As usual, I made Nik answer some "interview" questions.

Since Nik trades with me at a feverish rate, now I force him to not only answer the questions, but also to make them up. Here's what he came up with this time:

Q: What are galleries you should know about:


For some reason there has been a renewed interest in bARTer Sauce, my experiment in trading for art and odd objects. The idea is that whatever I get, I trade for something else. And everyone I trade with has to tell me a story. This past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of trades and trade offers. Ba-zang!

Here's what I got from Will recently (click on the links to read the stories that came with each item): 

Cross With Weird Stuff On It

Original Owner: 
A cross with weird stuff on it
A cross with weird stuff on it
A cross with weird stuff on it
Matchbook that says, "Phil eats vag for change."

Will's story that came with the Cross With Weird Stuff On It:

Phil Eats Vag For Change

I was at a bar the other day drinking cheap beer and having cheaper conversation about all manner of boring things like how hot Serena Williams is when she plays tennis and there was a brandy glass full of matchbooks. I live in NC and we're like the mecca for tobacco farmers everywhere, so you can still light up in a bar and pretty much anywhere because those yankee law fucks can make whatever kind of laws they want and the old schoolers will still light up and nobody is going to say anything because goddammit this is North Carolina and it's a god given right to smoke one of our past number one cash crops.

Will Trades Me a French Phone, a Russian Book, Totem Pole Shaped Trophy & a Cross for Terror Clown Painting, No Face Wedding, Hugs for Jesus Statue and Dooky Kiss

Will and some baby
Will, as a hippie

Here's the thing.

Lots of people like to send "extras" to The Sauce along with their official trade offers. Lots of people. Pretty much everyone. I've let it go in the past, but - like I say below - I decided to make an example of Will and punish him for doing the same thing that many others have done in the past.

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