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digital camera

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Darren gives me a paraglider for two pairs of boxing gloves and a digital camera

Man Wearing Backpack With Paraglider

This trade has requires some back-story.

Many months ago I found out that my boss was in a band.  I found this out because I have access to his Outlook calendar and when I scrolled past one day I saw an odd entry called: JAMMING.  Now I thought it was odd that he spelled Jammin' with the G, but I also found it odd that he could be leading this double life without anyone knowing.  So I promptly summoned over the rest of the staff to stare in wonder at the mystereous entry.

Digital Camera

Kodak EasyShare

Jacob traded me this camera (and two pairs of boxing gloves for my "laptop." 

He said the camera is a Kodak 3.2 Mega Pixel very nice, no scratches that he knows of and it also films "short" clips, with sound, and takes good pictures.  No other really good stories about the digital camera except that it didn't have a USB cord with it so I had to go to freaking radio shack and get a USB cord.  $#(*$#@*#)@

Jacob gives me two pairs of boxing gloves and a digital camera for my "laptop"

bARTer Sauce Trade
bARTer Sauce Trade

So, to recap, I traded my self-proclaimed "moderately crappy laptop" to Jacob for two pairs of boxing gloves and a digital camera.

Jacob was very interested in trading for the laptop - the most interested of anyone after actually reading the description of it -- but I guess any laptop is better than no laptop.
If you saw his Myspace page you'd see why I might have been surprised when a 19 year old white kid from Lynnwood showed up...but then my rapper trivia knowledge is severely lacking.

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