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Rebekah Trades Me a Doll Sculpture and Ceramic Necklace for 25 Door Plates and Ancient Dominos

Rebekah Norris, A bARTer Sauce trader
Rebekah Norris, A bARTer Sauce trader
Rebekah Norris, A bARTer Sauce trader

Rebekah made not one - but two - trades at the bARTer Sauce show at SideShow studios this summer

Thanks Rebekah! And just because I'm thankful doesn't mean that you'll get out of answering my "interview" questions. Mmmmwwwahahahahhahaha!

Q. How did you hear about The Sauce show?
It sounds like you came prepared with stuff to trade. Are you a friend of Nik's?

Porcelain Doll Sculpture

Original Owner: 
Doll Head Sculpture, An Item in bARTer Sauce
Doll Head Sculpture, An Item in bARTer Sauce
Doll Head Sculpture, An Item in bARTer Sauce
Doll Head Sculpture, An Item in bARTer Sauce
Doll Head Sculpture, An Item in bARTer Sauce

Rebekah's Story That Came With the Ceramic Doll Sculpture

This may not be for anyone squeamish or any man at all. In 1997, I got to observe a really amazing event. The vasectomy of my now ex-husband. The doctor was all too willing to let me watch. H, as he shall be known, was invited to lay on the exam table, his junk exposed and properly shaved. The doctor chuckled as he taped his member to his lower (hair covered, I might add) abdomen. He was then given a shot of anesthetic.

Cory Trades Me Wedding Day Disaster Barbie for Saint Adolph Wolfli

Cory Parsons and Saint Adolph Wolfli, A bARTer Sauce Trade

Even though Cory made something terrifying...

I still made her answer my "interview" questions. Read on in awe and wonder.

Q. How large is the largest stick you've ever dragged around behind you threateningly?
A: Well I have waved a pretend Harry Potter wand quite menacingly at people but I don't think I've dragged a large stick.

Q. Do you prefer crunchy or smooth peanut butter?

Headless Gabriel

Original Owner: 
Headless Gabriel - an item on bARTer Sauce

Rachel's Story About Headless Gabriel

I find that when I make dolls out of socks they come out a whole lot dumber than the other dolls I make. Perhaps it's because I fill their heads with less stuffing fluff so the socks don't stretch out too much. One particular doll of mine truly shines as far as stupidity.

bARTer Sauce -- Two-Face Jane

"Two-faced Jane" is the newest offer on bARTer Sauce. I think I'm in love with her giant, mutant button eye. There's just something about it. Maybe deep down I wish that I, myself, had a giant, mutant button eye instead of a regular eye. Perhaps that would make my cat cease and decist on the waking me up by sniffing my eyeball routine that has become so popular in the mornings these days. Rachel submitted "Two-faced Jane" as an offer for the "Brain Scan."

I'm pretty sure I'd be crazy not to take her up on it which is why I immediately accepted her trade offer. You will be able to submit your own trade offer for "Two-faced Jane" shortly. Check the website in mid-February and she'll be prominently displayed for all to bid on. Are you wondering what the hell I'm talking about?

Two-faced Jane

Original Owner: 
Two Face Jane
Two Face Jane

Rachael's Offer for the Brain Scan:

My offer is a ragdoll of sorts. She's kinda purple-ish, a little less than a foot long including dangly dress-bit, and has one button eye. I made her myself but I did it while in the grips of a jag of insomnia and I don't know what I was thinking.

Please be tempted, she's really starting to weird me out...

Rachael's Worst Nightmare:

Theres not much to it but I felt horrid when I woke up.

Marlow Trades me Evil Looking Doll Lamp for Vintage Cigarette Coupons

Marlow and Rosalie doin' a bARTer Sauce trade
Marlow and Michael from MOBA
Michael from MOBA and an Elvis topiary

Marlow and JoDavid came to the studio to see Michael Frank's (the Curator-in-Chief of The Museum of Bad Art) presentation on the guildelines MOBA uses to select the paintings for their permanent collection.

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