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Beryl Trades Me Big Painting for Appalachian Dolls

Pink, glittery landscape painting
Appalachian Dolls - After

Beryl took pity on the Appalachian dolls and did some surgery to separate them from each other

"I thought you might like to see I've resurrected the kids. New: hairdos, faces, buttons for hands, tie and buttons on shoes for girl, button and belt for boy. Interestingly enough, when I turned around the shirts I found a sticker that they had been made in China. It would be interesting to know, "green-wise," the size of their footprints. I'll give them to Community Services for the Blind."

Appalachian Children Dolls

Original Owner: 
Appalachian Children
Appalachian Children
Appalachian Children
Appalachian Children
Appalachian Children (post surgery)

Will's story that came with the Appalachian Children Dolls:

I picked these up in a thrift store and they were never opened. They still have their little tag that states that they were made (and presumably sold) to benefit an Appalachian Children's association or orphanage or something. they look kind of like tiny raggedy ann and andy, but their hands are permanently attached and they have X's for eyes which makes me think they're dead. In a way, they're like homemade "Living Dead" dolls. There's an overall sense of morbidity to them.

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