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double vaginas

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Eric Gives Me the Jazz Singer Painting that Wants to Eat his Girlfriend in Exchange for Double Vaginas

bARTer Sauce Trade
bARTer Sauce Trade


I feel much better now.

"Double Vaginas" is gone. It is no longer in my living room right across from the chair I sit in while we watch television.

I don't know if I'll ever be able to forgive Ben for bringing that into my life. Normally I wouldn't mind. Normally. But this one hung around for quite awhile. Plus, it's huge. HUGE.

Ben Trades Me Double Vaginas in Exchange for the Crow Cannon

Man With Crow Cannon Woman With Painting Called Double Vaginas
Man Holding Crow Cannon

Ben was very excited to be getting rid of his painting.

Mark's wife was very excited to have gotten rid of the Crow Cannon.

Barter Sauce has made two people happy.

How many people have you made happy today?
That many? Really? Wow.

We did this trade gangster/drug dealer style.
We pulled up.
Gave Ben the painting.
Took a bunch of pictures on the sidewalk ....oh wait. They probably don't do that.

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