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Wedding of the No-Face Couple

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Random Wedding pictures of the No Face Couple
Random Wedding pictures of the No Face Couple

Sean's Story About Wedding of the No-Face Couple:

So I came upon this magic gem hidden in the photo studio of my school in a box of items going to the dumpster. So I snatched it in just the nick of time and saved it from damnation. I now offer it up in exchange for the hairy lady. This couple is an ongoing mystery to me and soon to you!

Who are they?

Why are they hiding?

Do they indeed have no faces?

Worrying Man

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Worrying Man

On Tuesday I was meeting with the lovely Roberta from Bad Fruit Foundation.

I've done stand up for a couple of the Bad Fruit benefit shows and they're a great bunch. They work to help underinsured artists find the health care resources they need. Check them out. Do what I say.

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