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Will Trades Me a French Phone, a Russian Book, Totem Pole Shaped Trophy & a Cross for Terror Clown Painting, No Face Wedding, Hugs for Jesus Statue and Dooky Kiss

Will and some baby
Will, as a hippie

Here's the thing.

Lots of people like to send "extras" to The Sauce along with their official trade offers. Lots of people. Pretty much everyone. I've let it go in the past, but - like I say below - I decided to make an example of Will and punish him for doing the same thing that many others have done in the past.

Whatever Idiot

Original Owner: 
Full Contact Speller
Poster For The Move Whatever Idiot

Blaine made a movie called "Whatever Idiot" and it's hilarious.

It's all about him.  You can buy copies of it here

Here's the description off the back of the DVD. If you traded me for it, you could read it everyday!

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