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Glitter Face Painting

Original Owner: 
Glitter Face painting
Glitter Face painting
Glitter Face painting
Glitter Face painting
Glitter Face gets Remixed by Nicolas Caesar from

Will is being punished for sending me all kinds of "extras" with his bARTer Sauce trade item.

He always does this and always gets punished. He never learns. This time his punishment is that he has to "ghost write" six stories for Tim & Victoria who were kind enough to trade me six awesome items but are so busy unpacking that they don't have time to write six Sauce stories.

Will's "ghost written" story for Tim & Victoria: 

Stone Face

Original Owner: 
Stone WIth a Face Carved Into It

Jeromy found out about bARTer Sauce on and sent me a trade offer.

"How lucky I am to have found out about your great idea.

Blue Clown Face Painting for Kitty Cat Painting

This Package Contains Wicked Good Aht

I got a painting of a kitty cat from MOBA (Museum of Bad Art) this week.

I mailed them the blue faced, clown thing when I finally worked up the energy to walk all the way to the post office.

It's difficult to take pictures documenting my trades with MOBA because they're located near Boston and I am definitely not located near Boston. So I just took a picture of their packing job. It says: This package contains Wicked Good Aht!

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