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Fangy Tomato

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Stacy Trades Me "Fangy Tomato" and "Happy Jestor" for "Credit Card Costume"

Stacy and Rosalie doin' a bARTer Sauce trade

Stacy was kind enough to find a ride to First Thursday in an automobile large enough to carry away a giant, foam credit card costume.

Thank goodness. oh man, I am not sorry to see that gigantic foamy thing leave my posession.

Go free young credit card. Ride into the night with Stacy and fill up her stupid closets with your credit card-ness!

Fangy Tomato and Friend

Original Owner: 
Fangy Tomato One
Fangy Tomato Two
Fangy Tomato and Friend

Stacy's story:

These two paintings should go together.

One is a happy jester, with smiley-faced daisies, and one is a surprised jester with a fanged tomato coming towards him. I did these while I was still in high school - now I have my BFA and have shown in MN, CO, and WA. The idea, the basic line drawing behind the shape of the jesters was the inspiration for a cartoon strip I did for the university paper for a few years... Who knows - maybe someone will want to do a retrospective on my stuff.

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