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first microwave ever made

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Rosalie Hates K...
Old Microwave

Okay, it's a microwave.

And IT HAS WRITING ON THE FRONT THAT SAYS, "PROBE IN USE." That is 100% true. It came that way. I did nothing to it.

Okay now, hush Fans O' the Sauce,

We're going to hear three stories from Rhiannon.



Rhiannon trades me the First Microwave Ever Made for the Dorm Fridge

Thumbs up for mini fridges!

My friend Rhiannon traded me THE FIRST MICROWAVE EVER MADE* for the dorm fridge so she could use it in the play that she has written and will direct.

She said the fridge would be motivational for her because now she'll have to do the play or stare at that damn fridge until she does. I like the way she thinks.

But as I said, she did trade me the FIRST MICROWAVE EVER MADE*! And believe me, I know it gets your juices going.

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