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Faux Fossil

Original Owner: 
Rosalie Hates K...
Fake Fossil (Framed)

Rhiannon has been a supporter of bARTer Sauce since the very beginning.

She is also the one who traded me The First Microwave Ever Made. The microwave that single-handedly almost killed bARTer Sauce and also made it a much more interesting project BOTH AT THE SAME TIME! "How," you ask? Really? You must never have heard the story about The First Microwave Ever Made.

Nameless Guy trades me Eyes for Boobs in exchange for two sock puppets and Viagra Falls

Man With Sock Puppet

I met this guy at the coffee shop in Georgetown (I can say that because Georgetown is the one place in Seattle that only has one coffee shop) and we did the trade.

I love his painting. Excuse me, my eyes are up here! Oh...wait.

My favorite! We had plenty of time to do the trade while we were waiting in line for coffee because everyone and their mother was there with their dogs.

Argh. Dogs. I like dogs. But not in my coffee. And certainly not in line in front of me. Why do they get to be in front of me. That blows.

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