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Glitter Cats

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Betsy Trades Me Lord BratNose for the Glitter Cats

Betsy winking

I have a girl crush on Betsy.

You may remember Betsy from such trades as Jar Grandma or from the Great Skirt Controversy of 2007. She's cute as a button and sometimes dressed like a lesbian lumberjack -- and still manages to look girl-ier than I do in a skirt and heels. She's so cute you'll probably want to throw her in a pot, cook her down into a delicious jam and can her. No?

Just me then?

Oh well.

Nik Trades Me Glitter Cats for Russian Book and Jar Grandma

Weird Nik in face mask with weird thing peering over his shoulder.

Normally I force Nik to write his own interview questions AND ANSWER THEM.

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