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Juli Trades Me Tin Can Lid Necklace for Last Supper Sculpture

Juli playing peek a boo with the Last Supper Statue
Juli and the Last Supper Statue

Juli makes stuff.

You can check out her stuff on her Artfire shop and keep up with her travels on her blog, JulisJewels.

Eyes, Noses, Mouths, Yep, They're All There

Original Owner: 
Picture Of Lots Of Eyes Noses And Mouths.  Lots Of Them.

During the December First Thursday Art Walk, I entered a raffle for this painting.

I won. I am a winner.

I have no story about this item. So instead, I will tell you a story from my childhood. A story about the first computer ever made. Or close to it.

When I was about eight, we got an Apple 2E "computer." Amazing, but it was more useless than the computer that started the whole bARTer Sauce project. I know!

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