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Headless Gabriel

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Ariane Trades Me "Look at that Huge Fag" for a Large Selection of Sauce Items

Ariane with Paint by Number Ship Painting - a bARTer Sauce trade

It was a lovely holiday season for me. Miss Ariane contacted me with a trade offer for a painting that she created using some cigarette coupons I traded her a few years ago as the background. She has traded with me a few other time in the history of bARTer Sauce.

Q: How long did it take you to figure out what to do with those cigarette coupons after I traded them to you?
A: As soon as I saw them on BARTersauce!

Rachael trades me Headless Gabriel for Bad Kid

Rachael doing her impression of Bad Kid

Rachael was kind enough to tolerate some of my "interview" questions.

She was the winner of the 2010 bARTer Sauce Trade Off. She competed against another Sauce trader for the Bad Kid painting. They each submitted their trade offer and stories and then folks voted on who I should trade with by leaving comments. Rachael won! Yay! She's a winner!

Have some fun learning basically nothing important about her: 

Q: What size books do you prefer? 

Headless Gabriel

Original Owner: 
Headless Gabriel - an item on bARTer Sauce

Rachel's Story About Headless Gabriel

I find that when I make dolls out of socks they come out a whole lot dumber than the other dolls I make. Perhaps it's because I fill their heads with less stuffing fluff so the socks don't stretch out too much. One particular doll of mine truly shines as far as stupidity.

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