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Kelly Trades Me Sequin Horse for Totem Pole Trophy

Kelly Lyles

Kelly Lyles is awesome.

She stopped by my old studio on the night before the First Thursday Art Walk to bring by a horse picture made out of stick pin sequins. I showed her the new art studio I'm moving to and told her how disappointed I was that I couldn't afford to paint it metallic gold. She said, "Why don't you just paint it gold and then throw glitter on it?" 

Sequin Horse

Original Owner: 
Art Car
Carnival horse made of sequins on black velvet
Carnival horse made of sequins on black velvet
trompe L'oeil 7' pantry doors by Kelly Lyles

Kelly's Story about the Carnival Horse:

The tasteful Carnival horse was left in a Ballard FREE bin by friends of mine that were moving, & have a 'bad art' collection (no, none of mine). Since my yard is filled with large, plastic, pseudo-carnival horses, I thought he needed rescuing.

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