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I rock The Sauce

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Your Own Private Rosalie

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A Cardobard Woman Enjoying A Meal Of Unicorn Steaks
Cardboard Woman Making Pottery While Wearing A "Throw Naked" T-Shirt
A Cardboard Woman Playing Pinball
A Cardboard Woman Painting
A Cardboard Woman Wearing A Blue Mouse Mask
A Cardboard Woman With A Tambourine and Maracas
Cardboard Woman Drinking A Glass Of Red Wine
A Cardboard Woman Drinking Red Wine And Making A Rude Gesture
A Cardboard Woman Drinking Wine Straight From The Bottle

Ariane's Story about Cardboard Cutout Rosalie

I made this Cardboard Rosalie Cutout so that I could trade my Barbie Monster Fish with her for a piece from the Museum of Bad Art which I use to commemorate my grandma's late cat, Tiger. Since I made it, people have danced with it, marveled at it, and looked at me like I was crazy. I am. And so am I.

I also like cigarettes. I don't smoke them very much, but I look really cool when I'm holding one.

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