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Julia gives me four collages for the Jackelope Diorama and "The Heart of the Room"

bARTer Sauce Trade

I have in fact already traded "The Heart of the Room" away. I had no idea how quickly it would go.

I feel a little guilty about it to be honest. I had no way of knowing though. It all happened by accident.

Jackelope Diorama

Jackelope Diorama

I found this one at Killorn "mark up" O'Neill's garage sale. I was really excited to find out that I'm not the only person in the world who makes DIORAMAS. That's right. I picked up a Jackelope diorama and some kind of matador with a picture of a seal behind him. They're a set. Unless someone only wants one. Then they are completely separate entities.

The wonderous Jackelope.

Say what you want, they were a buck each.

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