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Nik Trades Me Elvis T-Shirt and Stand for Japanese Animal Toasts

Lucky Harms holding a Nicolas Caesar original painting

Note from The Sauce: Nik tries hard to remember the Sideshow Studios bARTer Sauce art show.

I think I should point out that it wouldn't be nearly as hard to recall if Nik would have sent me this story months ago when the art show actually took place. Ah well. 

So It's hard to recall the show. That was many drinks ago. But from what I remember it went like this - everyone who walked in was taken back. It was definitely an unfamiliar premise. And being that little or no cash was involved was really a shock. But as they ventured into unfamiliar territory they suddenly let their guards down to embrace that flea market kind of treasure-hunting excitement. People then remarked about all the things they had in their studios, garages, and attics. That wore off as soon as they were aware paperwork was involved. "What should I write?", they asked. "A story about anything", I replied, almost grudgingly because after the umpteen stories I've written for Barter Sauce these noobs can come up with at least one! (Note from The Sauce: I seem to remember a little grumbling from Mr. Nik as well. Perhaps.)

Some patrons actually did their research and came in ready to trade. Others were still confused and overcomplicated the easy. I still think the act of bartering is something the rest of the planet has a hard time relating to if they never worked retail. Every retail job I've had I've traded coffee for pizza and film for smoothies. As an artist I trade art for art. At bARTer Sauce I trade clown paintings for weird items. Watching Jerry Springer -  some women trade sex for chicken nuggets. It's all good.

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