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jar grandma

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Nik Trades Me Glitter Cats for Russian Book and Jar Grandma

Weird Nik in face mask with weird thing peering over his shoulder.

Normally I force Nik to write his own interview questions AND ANSWER THEM.

Betsy Trades me Jar Grandma for Teeny Tiny Landscape Painted on a Pill

Two women, one dressed liked a lesbian farmer
Betsy, helping me get dressed on the street.
Rosalie admiring the skirt Betsy made her.

Some of you - those who pay close attention and have magical psychic powers - may remember Betsy as the creator of the only skirt in existance to have caused a fight at the Punk Rock Flea Market.

Summary: My friend Sara bought a skirt for $5 that should have been mine and I got mad.

Read Sara's side of the story as well as my side ( I refer to my side as "The Truth").

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