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Jo Jo Stilletto

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Slowsalie, Sasquatch, and the Blinky

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Slowsalie, Sasquatch, and the Blinky

Jessica's Story about "Slowsalie"

Rosalie is very disappointed in me. I broke her heart and now I must pay my penance. In exchange for her "moving on" from this disappointment, I must fulfill three promises. First, I had to write her a letter and mail it. I'm working on the lovely package now (note, I use the word package as a double entendre). Second, I have to have quarterly crafting meetings with her. Third, I have to complete a baRTer Sauce trade.

Nameless Guy trades me Eyes for Boobs in exchange for two sock puppets and Viagra Falls

Man With Sock Puppet

I met this guy at the coffee shop in Georgetown (I can say that because Georgetown is the one place in Seattle that only has one coffee shop) and we did the trade.

I love his painting. Excuse me, my eyes are up here! Oh...wait.

My favorite! We had plenty of time to do the trade while we were waiting in line for coffee because everyone and their mother was there with their dogs.

Argh. Dogs. I like dogs. But not in my coffee. And certainly not in line in front of me. Why do they get to be in front of me. That blows.

Sock Puppets

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Sock Puppet
Sock Puppet Unicorn

My friend Jo Jo Stilletto (yes, she's a Roller Girl) traded me these sock puppets that she made.

Hand made sock puppets. Ironic? No. Not really. It's okay, they were new socks. As far as I know.

One of them is a unicorn and the other one is the unicorn's mean trainer.

He makes the unicorn lift weights at 6:30 in the morning and is, in general, an asshole.

Jo Jo Stilletto trades me two sock puppets for the Spamster print

Jo Jo and Spamster

Jessica (Jo Jo Stilletto - the High Heel of Hurt) got her Spamster print to commemorate her poor dead hamster, Cameltoe.

I remember fondly the Christmas card I received one year with an image of dear Cameltoe peeking out of a stocking with his name on it. It was truly profound.

Here is Jessica's story:

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