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Kimberly VanDyke

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Eyes, Noses, Mouths, Yep, They're All There

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Picture Of Lots Of Eyes Noses And Mouths.  Lots Of Them.

During the December First Thursday Art Walk, I entered a raffle for this painting.

I won. I am a winner.

I have no story about this item. So instead, I will tell you a story from my childhood. A story about the first computer ever made. Or close to it.

When I was about eight, we got an Apple 2E "computer." Amazing, but it was more useless than the computer that started the whole bARTer Sauce project. I know!

Octavian trades me a painting called Transition in exchange for The photo of a Naked Chick by my studio partner Kimberly

Rosalie and Octavian making a bARTer Sauce trade

bARTer Sauce struck it rich at First Thursday.

Rich I tell you. Rich. People kept coming in, reading about The Sauce and then going home to get me trades. Hells yes. This is how it's supposed to be. I suppose it helped that I actually printed out the stories that go with each item and posted them with the display. Without those, it's kind of just a big pile of weird stuff for no real reason. Now it has context and makes some sense. Huzzah!

Photo of Naked Chick!

Original Owner: 
Nude Woman

Yeah, naked chick photo!

Naked chick photo!


My studio partner Kimberly (Stir) offered me this matted photograph. Her story is short, but to the point:

When I was getting the model ready for this shoot, she was telling me about being a performance artist and how she really wanted to do a piece where she rubbed raw chicken all over her body.

Do you need me to repeat it?


I thought not.

Kimberly Trades Me A Photo of a Naked Chick for Wire Face

Kimberly and Rosalie doin' a Sauce Trade
Kimberly getting cursed
Kimberly and Rosalie doin' a Sauce Trade
Kimberly and Rosalie doin' a Sauce Trade

My studio partner, Kimberly, is awesome. She runs Stir and paints silk scarves and ties. And she paints baseball hats with robots on them. Awesome. Robots are awesome!

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