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Lauren O'Coffey

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25 Door Plates

Original Owner: 
25 door plates - available for trade on bARTer Sauce
This is not a glory hole. I repeat: This is not a glory hole
25 door plates - available for trade on bARTer Sauce

Lauren's story that came with 25 Door Plates

So I'm sitting in sculpture, looking out on the water and I think to myself "Jesus Christ, I don't need all this stoopid shit I've been collecting". You see, for the last 12 months I have been collecting flat round things.. anything, pennies, I lifted a sign off the curb the other night because it was a disk shape.

Lauren Trades Me 25 Door Plates for Boobs Over My Hammy

Lauren with her bARTer Sauce trade: Boobs Over My Hammy

Lauren's Answers to my Annoying Interview Questions:

Dear Rosalie,

I posted a photo of the door plate along with my face in the picture. I hope you enjoyed it, I am thee most photogenic person I know.

As for the interview questions:

1. My foot is a size 8 or 9, it always depends on the shoe. The actual length of my foot is 25 cm in length and no, I will not give you the measurement in inches because I am Canadian and I'm sure you can figure it out. (1 in=2.5 cm)

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