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Credit Card Costume

Giant Credit Card Relaxing On A Sofa With A Woman
Giant Credit Card Making What Might Be Financial Based Gang Signs
Giant Credit Card Ready To Fight You And Your Bad Credit

An anonymous donor (who purportedly found this credit card costume somewhere) showed up at Laffhole on 10/10/07.

I can't even tell you their story because it's so top secret and confidential.



It's perfect for Halloween.

Oh, and the credit card is expired.


Asian Doll Sculpture

Life Sized Asian Doll With Her Hands Out
Life Sized Asian Doll With A Can Of Pabst Blue Ribbon In Her Hand

So Lauri lost the Laffhole contest, but somehow I manage to convince most of the folks who compete at Laffhole to trade with me anyway.

Lauri was no exception.

Her original offer for the Turntables (that's what I gave away at Laffhole) was the Asian doll sculpture, a haunted tiki punchbowl set and shoes left in her car by the crack whore who stole it.

When she didn't win the turntable, the trade offer was reduced to just the large, heavy item that she didn't want to bring home.

The winner of the Laffhole trade competition is ADAM!

Man With Cockfighting Painting Woman With Popsicle Stick Lamp
Man With Cockfighting Painting Woman With Popsicle Stick Lamp

I met Adam at a Christmas party where a fight broke out over who got to trade me for Arndt Bow's tombstone.

No one got it...and no one was injured...they had to agree that neither of them would trade me for it for the sake of their friendship.

Adam and Ashley are awesome and artistic and make fantasticfortune telling cards that we have hanging all around our bathroom mirror. I invited (forced) them to come to Laffhole to offer me a trade item live on stage. They did it. And WON!

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