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MOBA gives me a Velvet Last Supper in exchange for the Eyes for Boobs painting

Painting of a woman with eyes for boobs

I finally got around to sending the Museum of Bad Art their painting (and some more hats for Mike) and I got something fantastic in trade.

A Velvet Last Supper painting. My ultimate fantasy has come true.

Seriously. I've always wanted a velvet painting.

Oh wait!

I forgot, I already had a velvet Elvis.



Original Owner: 
Eliana From The Museum of Bad Art

The Museum of Bad Art (MOBA) finally traded me this after I sent their curator a number of threatening emails.

You can read that series by clicking on this hyperlink (what's a hyperlink you ask? I'm not telling. You're too dumb.)

MOBA gives me Eliana in exchange for Creepy Rhinestone Baby

Creepy Rhinestone Baby at Museum of Bad Art
Eliana at Museum of Bad Art
Man and Woman Holding Bad Paintings
Man and Woman Holding Bad Paintings
Musuem of Bad Art - The Book

Sometimes fate comes together to save things worth saving.

It also sometimes steps in at just the right moment to save stupid projects that I'm working on. After I accidently deleted my bARter Sauce mailing list and then pieced it back together email address by email address based solely on my immaculate memory, I sent out a threat about the potential demise of The Sauce.

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