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mystery item

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USDA Prime Cut Pin Up Girl, Pokemon & Other Voices for Grab Bag Mystery Item

bARTer Sauce Trade

Jake traded me a painting of USDA prime meat cuts and a pin up girl by his friend Toast, a Pokemon drawing that he did and an autographed copy of "Other Voices - A Literary Journal Created by People wth Mental Illnesses" for the Grab Bag Mystery Item that I can never reveal for reasons you don't need to know about.

We met in front of Best Buy in Northgate...which means one thing: We're right by TARGET! Coming from the Midwest, I love Target. Love it. I went there. It was great.

Kelly trades me a MYSTERY ITEM in exchange for a giant, inflatable cell phone

Two Women Standing Next To a Giant Inflatable Cell Phone

I really can't say enough good things about Kelly Lyles.

She is truely one of the most interesting, friendly people I've ever met. Plus, as an added bonus, she's one of the only actual artists who smells what The Sauce is cookin'. And for that, I couldn't be more grateful.

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