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OK Hotel

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Jamie Trades Me The Mirror of Holiday Death for Lord Bratnose

Jamie trading the Mirror of Holiday Death to bARTer Sauce
Jamie trading the Mirror of Holiday Death to bARTer Sauce
Jamie trading the Mirror of Holiday Death to bARTer Sauce

Jamie came by during the November '09 Art Walk in Pioneer Square. She had just moved into the OK Hotel where I have my art studio. The first time she came by, she had two puppies. The second time she came by, she was a little tipsy and declared that we needed to do a bARTer Sauce trade. Fine by me.

Mirror of Holiday Death

Original Owner: 
Mirror of Holiday Death
Mirror of Holiday Death
Mirror of Holiday Death

Jamie's story that came with Mirror of Holiday Death:

She just moved to Seattle and was about to tell us a sad story of bad people who keep track of favors, but then she changed her mind at the last minute. 

"I'm going to tell you a happy story instead."

She lived in Thailand for 5 months and worked in an elephant sanctuary. She turned 23 there. 

Staci Trades Me "Mona Didn't Need Bling" Shadow Box for "Wood Face"

Staci and Rosalie doin' a bARTer Sauce trade

Staci often shows at the OK Hotel during First Thursday so she wanders in to the studio pretty much every month (okay, every month for sure) and we've gotten to know each other a little bit.

She's been teasing me for awhile now saying that she had a trade for me...and she lived up to her word at the March Art Walk. I remember Mona from a shadow box show that the OK Hotel did a few months back. I liked it then. And I like it now.

Octavian trades me a painting called Transition in exchange for The photo of a Naked Chick by my studio partner Kimberly

Rosalie and Octavian making a bARTer Sauce trade

bARTer Sauce struck it rich at First Thursday.

Rich I tell you. Rich. People kept coming in, reading about The Sauce and then going home to get me trades. Hells yes. This is how it's supposed to be. I suppose it helped that I actually printed out the stories that go with each item and posted them with the display. Without those, it's kind of just a big pile of weird stuff for no real reason. Now it has context and makes some sense. Huzzah!

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